Hi, I study how humans construct predictive knowledge from the streaming information of a dynamic world. 

Broadly, my interests are:
  • Mental representations in game playing
  • Prediction & prediction uncertainty
  • Machine intelligence as models for human cognition

| Projects

How does schema helps us predict the next event?

→ A gameplay paradigm.

Can you play a balance ball game by just imaging it?

→ An all-in-one BCI application.

How do we make LLM generation more tractable, controllable, and maintainable?
→ Program synthesis guided LLM.

How to reliably track the eyes in the wild?

→ Foveate patch based eye tracker.

| Publications

Rothkopf, Raven, Angel Leyi Cui, Hannah Tongxin Zeng, Arya Sinha, and Mark Santolucito. "Towards the Usability of Reactive Synthesis: Building Blocks of Temporal Logic." Plateau Workshop, 2023.

Jiawen Huang, Hannah Tongxin Zeng, Eleanor Furness ,
Morell-Jovan Kenmoe, Yifang Liu, Ronak Hasan Elias, 
and Chris Baldassano, “Making accurate prediction facilitates robust episodic memory formation beyond learned stimulus probability”

*Work In Progress.

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BSc in Cognitive Science, 2020-2024Barnard College of Columbia University

Research Experience

|| 2022-2023
Dynamic Perception and Memory Lab ↗
Columbia Psychology

We look at the creation of event and event boundaries out of streaming real world data like music and games, and how reliable structures are extracted from events to aid prediction.

Programing Languages Lab ↗
Barnard Computer Science

P.I. Mark Santolucito
We make program synthesis creative and pedagogical.

Laboratory for Intelligent Imaging and Neural Computing Columbia Biomedical Engineering
P.I. Paul Sajda, P.I. Steven Feiner and PhD candidate Leo LiWe leverage emerging AI tools for making brain-computer interface research easier.

|| 2021–2022

Vision Lab ↗
Barnard Neuroscience

P.I. Prof. Alex White
We study how our eyes decide where and when to look at in a natural reading condition, even when words are transposed.


Computational Neuroscience Track  Neuromatch Academy  ,  Aug 2021