“[Laurie Anderson:] …it is never about me. It is always about how things are, and what they are……for years i have been escaping from the idea of being anyone.” 

[Laurie Anderson:] …(我的兴趣)和我自己无关。它始终关乎事物如何运作,以及它们是什么……一直以来,我极力避免要成为任何人。

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I write, code, design, play, and study how brain makes mind.

Lately, I have done game design work in NetEase on a massive multiplayer online game Justice Online Mobile︎︎︎ and Hypergryph’s real-time strategy RPG Arknights: Endfield︎︎︎.

Previously, I communicated brain science and philosophy through writing, translating, and a podcast︎︎︎ at Neu-reality︎︎︎, and has written journalism pieces for Initium Media︎︎︎ and YiMagazine︎︎︎. I also designed the interface for Matters News︎︎︎.

At the same time, I am pursing a cognitive science major at the symbiotic Barnard College – Columbia University, after a year at UC San Diego where I developed a deep interest in cognitive science and speculative design.

If you happen to stumble on New York, I would recommend some mushroom walks with New York Mycological Society.

You are welcome to drop me line at annzengtx@gmail.com.
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最近,我在网易MMO游戏《逆水寒手游》和鹰角网络的即时策略RPG《明日方舟:终末地》分别作游戏策划实习。之前,我通过写作、翻译以及神经现实的播客“神经漫游”来传播大脑科学和哲学,也为端传媒和第一财经写过报道文章。我为Matters News设计过网页界面。

我正在巴纳德学院 - 哥伦比亚大学攻读认知科学专业,那之前我在加利福尼亚大学圣地亚哥分校度过了一年,由此对认知科学和推演设计产生了浓厚兴趣。


欢迎通过电邮 annzengtx@gmail.com 和我打招呼。