Solo Project


A re-interpretation of the No-Stop City Project

Tool 工具
P5.js (image processing), Rhino (modeling), a ML-trained image filtering site, Twinmotion (rendering)

A Landscape of Speculation. Rethinking space with machine intelligence.


This project serves as a visual study of what does the prevailing style transfer effect in mechine learning means for inhabitable space.

No-stop city (1969), an architecture proposal that was considered progressively equalitarian and idealistic in its time, share a   common metaphysic assumption with machine learning today: flat-ontology. The completely distributed layout of housings, vegestation, public spaces and so on implies endless duplication and extension beyond the sliding window.

This anarchist structure can preserve its spatial syntax regardless of what actually embeds within. Therefore, padding its skeleton with natural landscape can yield a surprising result in which, while the negative and positive space are swapped into each other, the openness and endlessness is maintained. 


《无尽之城》 是一个1969年的建筑提案,在其时被认为是具有渐进平等和理想主义色彩的,这与今天的机器学习共享一个共同的形而上学假设:扁平本体论。住宅、植被、公共空间等完全分布的布局暗示了超越滑动窗口的无休止复制和扩展。