Listening to Rama. A short audio-visual game where you try to re-assemble a machine.


Game Theme

Delay the Inevitable (Ludam Dare 50)

Game premise

Players perform simple click-and-drag interaction, and gradually unfold a small story told by the coherent audio-visuals content, with minimal texts.


Demonstration Video


A player can choose to drag the falling pieces to fix the gigantic machine which is apparently at the fringe of destruction. Mysterious sound files will played as more progress is made. Although the end is inevitable, you can choose to delay it.

There is a saying that your first ten games are going to be trash. This game is, among the first 3 trashy games I made, the first one that is complete and aesthetically more aligned to my judgement. While the mechanic is simple, we made the quick decision under the 48 hours’ pressure (the total jam time in Ludam Dare 50) that the story of the game shall leverage the minimalist gameplay.

My skills in user interface system design were transfered into asset management and design throughout the jam, which was certainly helpful when we are budgeting the time.


有一句话说,你的前十款游戏都会是垃圾。这款游戏是我制作的前三款游戏中,第一个完成并在美学上更符合我的判断的游戏。虽然机制很简单,但我们在48小时内(Ludam Dare 50的总 jam 时间)在压力下迅速决定游戏的故事应该充分利用极简的游戏玩法。 我的用户界面系统设计技能在整个 jam 过程中被转化为资产管理和设计,这在我们进行时间预算时当然非常有帮助。

After setting up the design system in Figma, my role switch to a technical designer who monitored the gameplay while writing corresponding codes. In the second half of the jam, roles no longer matter. I coded up the pipeline for condition-specific sound triggering, particle effects, and the monologue panel UI. Benny was the main developer who wrote codes both for the scene transition and player control, and Dante helped find sound files for the game as well as writing particle effects.

I am grateful for this experience and the heartening feedbacks from both strangers on Ludum Dare and friends I know well.

在 Figma 中设置完设计系统后,我的角色转变为技术策划,负责在编写相应的代码的同时监控游戏玩法。在 jam 的下半段,角色已经不再重要。我编写了条件特定声音触发、粒子效果以及独白面板 UI 的管道。Benny 是主要的开发者,他为场景过渡和玩家控制编写了代码,而 Dante 则帮助找到了游戏的声音文件,并编写了粒子效果。

我对这次经历以及来自 Ludum Dare 的陌生人和我熟识的朋友们的反馈心怀感激。

Team Project (3 person)

Role 职责
Art, dev and design


Tool 工具 
Unity; Figma

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