“[Laurie Anderson:] …it is never about me. It is always about how things are, and what they are……for years i have been escaping from the idea of being anyone.” 

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I write, code, design, play, and study how brain makes mind. I have been communicating brain science and philosophy through writing, translating, and a podcast︎︎︎ at Neu-reality︎︎︎, and has written journalism pieces for Initium Media︎︎︎ and YiMagazine︎︎︎. I also designed the interface for Matters News︎︎︎.

I am pursing a cognitive science major at the symbiotic Barnard College – Columbia University, after a year at UC San Diego where I developed a deep interest in cognitive science and speculative design,

When I am not pondering on other minds, I poke around the web about the philosophy and materiality of computation, typography, indie publication and games, history of media, legacies of war and military complex, and whatnots.

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